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Website Presence... Work On It! Website Promotion + SE Submission + Website Network

"Your Website Experience And Success Depends Upon You!"  

Because we care about your website success, we maintain this page for you to help you learn more about what you can do to increase and maximize your website presence! You should review this page carefully to make sure you are doing everything possible that you can do to help make your website a success because all websites can work!

What you should know about search engines:
  • Search engine listings are a free service. Search engines list your website for free. Although search engines do help people find your website, you should NEVER rely on search engines alone as your Internet marketing plan.
  • Search engines list your website based on the keywords (text), not images, found printed on your website pages.
  • Search engines rank your website listing based on a point system, algorithm. There are many factors that move your website listing up the line on the results page. Like how many other websites are linking to your website, external links.
  • Typically, after your website is submitted to all or most of the major search engines, within several weeks your website will be listed with all or most of the popular search engines, such as AOL, Bing, Google, HotBot, Lycos, and Yahoo.
  • Shortly thereafter or eventually, all other (less popular) search engines use these search engine listings to update their listings and so on.
  • The truth is... search engine submission is not even necessary as the major search engines continuously crawl the Internet and add every website found while the less popular search engines update their listings from the major search engine listings.
  • Nonetheless, submission can escalate the process to some degree. NEVER over submit your website address, or get pushy or impatient, as a search engine will surely penalize your listing for such actions.
  • At times, you may notice poor search engine results. This is due to how the search engine game is played. Although a search engine will list your website for free, occasionally they will test you to see if you are bait for a paid listing advertiser. Do not fall for this trap, just remain patient.
  • Search engines like google and yahoo will eventually play with your listing(s), not real sure about bing at this time. Be patient and your listing(s) will eventually normalize and possibly even improve.
  • Unfortunately today, search engine ranking competition is tough with hundreds of thousands of websites competing for the top 10 or 20 listings. Especially when most of the search engine results pages are packed with paid advertisers. And, it is only getting worse while the "big spenders" buy up all the space.

The good news is that there are things you can do that will improve your website presence and improve your search engine rankings. For example... do you advertise and promote your website address on your business advertisements, marketing materials, vehicles and any other reasonable places where people can see your website address? You should.

As a service to our website service customers, we provide free hypertext links from our website to your website and we submit all new websites to all of the major search engines immediately after the website is determined search engine friendly and each page is search engine optimized. You can read more about search engines here: search engine submission and search engine optimization.

Chester County Sites Advertisement Opportunities

If we host your Chester County website, we offer all advertisement opportunities on our website to you for one low bundled fee and additional (secondary) advertisement opportunities for 50% off list price! If we do not host your Chester County website, we offer all advertisement opportunities individually for list price and according to our advertisement fee schedule. Non-Chester County websites do not qualify to advertise on this website.

Are you enrolled to banner and image advertise on this website?   (advertise with us)

Banner Rotation 468 x 60 Banner displays at top center of all pages on this website.   (login)
Image Rotation 140 x 110 Image displays at top right corner and down left side of all pages on this website.   (login)
  • Banners and images display in rotation with other advertisers. Additional displays (same cycle) and fixed image displays (not rotating) are offered for a reasonable monthly fee. If you forgot your login and password or you would like to participate in our banner or image program, please contact us.   (contact us)
  • Access to your banner and image activity (displays and clicks) is made available to you so that you may realize that Chester County prospects are finding your website from our banner and image advertisement service. Your banner and image ads are also displayed on several other popular websites. Your image ads are also displayed on our website search engine results page, our whois search engine results page, and several other popular website search engine results pages.   (website search + whois search)

Is your website included in our website search engine results?

Search: Exact Match:
Search for your website using keywords you would expect your prospects might enter to find your website. Please contact us to add keywords for your website -- if this search engine did not find your website in the search engine results using a particular keyword(s). We monitor this search engine for daily usage and we know this search engine is used daily and frequently to find Chester County products and services on this website.   (contact us)

Is your website listed with all of the major search engines?

We make a special effort to make sure that member and associate websites are listed and remain listed with all of the major search engines. You should periodically verify your position with major search engines and contact us if your website is NOT listed with a particular search engine or your keywords are not producing the results you would expect.   (se submission + contact us)

Is your website listed on our Chester County website pages?

Search engines will rank a website higher in popularity and in their search results depending on the number of external links to the website. Because search engine inclusion and ranking is vital to the success of your website efforts, we maintain at least two hypertext links from our website to every member, associate, and advertiser website to help improve your search engine ranking in search engine results. If you are a member, associate or advertiser, you should contact us...
  • If you could not find a star preceding your hypertext link.
  • If you could not find a hypertext link to your website from at least two of the following pages:

Members   Associates   Advertisers   Agriculture   Attractions   Businesses   Community   Organizations   Sports

For Chester County business websites, one hypertext link is offered free. (submit free hypertext link, add url)

Are you receiving the hit counter report?

When we host your website, the hit counter report is made available to you so that you may conveniently monitor your daily and weekly website activity. The report can be auto-emailed to you daily or a specific day(s) of the week and serves several other vital purposes as well.   (hit counter)

The hit counter is a convenient tool to monitor your website hits, but we also provide our website hosting members one of two full-featured, web-based, website statistics programs: Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) or Webalizer for free. You should review both reports on a regular basis. Reviewing both reports will reveal information to you that will help you identify problems and develop better website marketing strategies.

Is your website listed with free (and paid) Internet business directories and listings?

Are you listed in Google Places, Manta, and Merchant Circle? This is free, you know? And, it really works!
These local business listings will improve your website presence and search engine rankings.
Contact us for a complete list of free business directories/listings! And, add your business listings today.
Note: You must add your business listing to all of the directories yourself since all of them require your email address or a phone call to confirm, verify, and activate your free business listing. Some directories are better than others, some offer complete listings including images, long descriptions, keywords, and more while others offer only business name, address, phone number, email address and website address.

All of the business directories we recommend do show up in search engine results and search engines will rank a website higher in relevancy in their search results depending on the number of external links to the website.

Are you exchanging links with other websites (link exchange)?

Link exchange is a good thing, exchange a link with other websites -- create a links page! The more external links (other websites linking to your website), the higher ranking you may achieve with most search engines. Plus, more prospects might find your website through those links from other websites. External links should be established and maintained with other websites whose content may complement your website content, but not compete with your product or service. For example: We link to your website by way of banners, images, hypertext links, and our website search engine, and you might maintain a link back to us.

Suggestion: browse through our members, associates, and advertisers pages to see if there are members, associates, and advertisers who are interested to exchange a hypertext link with you -- or even exchange a banner link! Furthermore, browse through our agriculture, attractions, businesses, community, organizations, resources, and sports pages. Most are Chester County websites looking to promote their business in Chester County.

Do you support your community?

Why not sponsor a community program or organization, one that maintains a high traffic website and operates in your area such as the Coatesville High School Baseball or the Caln Athletic Association. Both of these organizations and others like them usually maintain a high traffic website visited by hundreds of people in their community and their rivals. Organizations like these, usually offer your business some exposure on their website in appreciation or exchange for your contribution to their organization. Members of the organization are usually very much aware of your contribution and may develop a loyalty for your services or products over your competitors. A hypertext or banner link to your website is also likely. Barter and negotiate and see where it goes.

Is your website listed everywhere possible?

Hundreds of thousands of people search the Internet every day to find specific products and services. A good percentage of them are searching for local products and services such as in the Chester County area. Your website should be listed with most or all of the most popular free listing services for free product and service listings.

Search for your product or service using any search engine. Look for search results that are websites that list links (business listings or directories) to other websites that provide those products or services. Then, go to the main page of those websites and add your business information and hypertext link. You might have to register with some of them, but oh well. You should be able to find dozens of good websites where you can add your website url for free. This practice is very popular and will help your website ranking with all of the major search engines and help more people find you on the Internet. The beauty of it all is... it is all free and it works!

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