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Website Design And Creation Domain Name + Website Hosting + Advertise With Us

1st Step to success!
We will design your website!
We design your website to impress your viewers and prospects and please the major search engines.
2nd Step to success!
We will host your website!
We host your website on fast, reliable, secure web servers and update your website as necessary.
3rd Step to success!
We will advertise your website!
We advertise your website on this website and submit your website to Google Search Console.

Chester County Sites designs and creates friendly, informative and easy to navigate websites. We will design and create your website with that big-business professional look and any style or type of your choice. Most websites can be designed, created and working in less than 3 days. Our comparatively low and very unusual website design and creation fee is no mistake and is not a large portion of our revenue. But, it is how we create and acquire new website hosting and advertising customers who join our network of Chester County websites and who usually become a long term partner with us while using our website hosting and advertising services.

The websites we design are search engine optimized to achieve the best possible ranking position with each search engine so everybody can find your website. They are also planned and designed to account for viewers using various fonts, screen resolutions, versions of browsers, and operating systems so everybody can access and view your pages.

We will incorporate a variety of color, fonts and sizes of text in your website to make it appealing and interesting to your viewers. We will also prepare your graphic images and photographs to present a crisp professional appearance and for quick loading on your website. And where applicable, we will add Real audio and video affects to your website as well.

We can even incorporate ftp file downloads, email auto responders and forwarding, mailing lists, or any other functionality you need added to your website including a shopping cart and online payment system.

You provide us with the information about your company and an idea of what you want your website to accomplish, and we will do the rest for you. After your pages and graphics are created, we will setup your website hosting, upload your files to our web server, add any other functionality, and maintain your website for you.

We will process all of the necessary InterNIC forms to register your new domain name or transfer your existing domain name to our server for you.

The most expensive and impressive website is useless
if it is not designed and prepared to...
please the search engines!

Immediately after your website is installed and your home page is confirmed to comply with search engine rules and designed to please the major search engines, we will submit your home page to all of the major search engines and monitor the submission process every thirty days until your website is listed with all of the major search engines.

We do not use HTML code generator programs to create your web pages, we hand-code every page. HTML code generator programs create hundreds of lines of unnecessary (or junk) code resulting in slow website loading and execution and poor search engine rankings. In addition, we create customized, hand-coded meta tags for all search engine submissions. Our hand-coded process is search engine optimized and well documented and organized for easy modification resulting in fast and accurate updates.

How To Get Started: In most cases, we recommend that you should start your website as soon as possible with only your main page in mind so that your web page can begin to promote your business immediately. It can take several weeks and even months until all of the search engines will index your page. After your main page is created, at your convenience and while waiting for the search engines to index your page, you can expand upon and improve your site to your expectations. Otherwise, you may never start your website and it could take forever before it will begin to work for you.

Your hosting will be setup within 24 hours. Therefore, you will be able to monitor our progress while we create your website -- allowing you to get involved in the creation and sometimes coaching us as you find necessary.

We guarantee your website advertising your business on the Internet in ten business days or less!
  • Day 1 to 3, we will create your pages and graphics including all of your marketing materials you make available to us. All of your text, graphics and links will be arranged on the appropriate pages for further organization and search engine readiness. We will upload your pages to your server daily so you can monitor the progress of your website.
  • Day 2 to 5, we will incorporate text fonts, sizes and colors, and graphic placement sized to make your pages appealing, informative and organized. Additional text and graphics may be added as well.
  • Day 3 to 7, we will make final adjustments to the text and graphics on your pages including your opinions and ideas specific to your marketing goals. We will also create your meta tags and make other necessary adjustments to prepare your pages for maximum search engine ranking. Additional text and graphics may be added as well.
  • Day 4 to 9, we will thoroughly test your pages, forms, animation, sounds, email forwarding, auto responder, hosting and any other website functionality. We will also test your pages for major browser compatibility. Additional text and graphics may be added as well.
  • Day 5 or so, and after we have your approval, we will submit your home page to all of the major search engines so prospects can begin to learn of your products or services.
  • On or before day 10, we will create and install several banners on our website linking to your website (if you are also an advertiser) and add several hypertext links on our website linking to your website.
  • Minor monthly updates are included in our monthly hosting fee.

We will resubmit your home page to all of the major search engines every 30 days until your website is listed with all of them. We want your website to be a success!

All website hosting includes a website tracking program to review your real-time website statistics and monitor your website traffic and origins. A hit counter report is emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis, upon your request. If you are an advertiser as well, we provide an advertiser tracking program to track and report your advertising campaign.

We believe all websites can work!

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