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What is a domain name? A domain name is your Internet identity.

A domain name is the familiar, easy to remember name to identify an address of a computer on the Internet (such as The domain name translates to a series of numbers called Internet Protocol numbers (a digital address in the format of that serves as a routing address on the Internet, hence the term IP address.

A domain name is comprised of a unique combination of letters, numbers, or words usually describing or representing a business or company name and follows a meaningful format of -- also referred to as a website address or URL -- used by humans to identify or remember a website address.

Therefore, a domain name is a website address (URL) or location of a server including any directories or subdirectories where your web pages, graphic images and other files reside -- in a form that humans can easily understand and remember.

When a domain name is registered with a domain name registrar, the primary and secondary digital IP address (also known as name server address) is required to register the domain name. The digital IP address is provided by the website hosting provider. After proper registration, the domain name will be translated to the digital address every time anybody types the domain name into their browser address bar.

Without a domain name, your website will be difficult or impossible to find on the Internet by others and cumbersome to type or remember -- using the digital IP address. By way of a domain name, you can promote your website by including your domain name on all of your marketing material, in newspaper and magazine ads, and both inside and outside your place of business so others can easily find your website.

Domain Name Transfer, Registration Or Renewal

Every domain name must be registered for one or more years at a time. A domain name can be transferred from one registrar to another for any reason and anytime with no consequence or penalty. We will transfer, register or renew your domain name (for you) with our registrar for a small fee, and you are required to pay the registration or renewal fee charged by our registrar to extend your domain name registration for a minimum of one year.

Domain Name And Email Forwarding (Redirect)

Many businesses prefer to maintain several different domain names to use when marketing their website to their prospects (maybe a long and short version domain name). Since only one domain name can be associated with any website, domain name forwarding is the only logical solution. Domain name forwarding is an Internet service that provides the mechanics to forward one domain name request to another domain name.

When we host your website and your domain names are registered with our registrar, we will forward any of your domain names (and email associated with the domain names) to any of your other domain names hosted with us -- for a small fee.

Example: may forward to where your website is physically located.

Please note: Even if you do not have a website now, you most likely will in the near future. Therefore, you should register (reserve) the domain name or your choice NOW as choice domain name availability is quickly diminishing.


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