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Chester County Sites offers search engine optimization and search engine submission services to effectively submit your website to all of the major search engines resulting in search engine ranking excellence. Getting your website listed with all of the major search engines will increase your website traffic and is one of the most popular and effective means to promote a website and business on the Internet.

All Websites Can Work!

Your website can be highly visible on the Internet. If you create your webpages to be search engine friendly, more people and prospects will find your product or service on the Internet using a search engine. Are all of your pages "search engine ready?" You had better hope so! If not, they can be!

Who is listed at the top, or first ten pages? People who know how search engines work.
Who is not listed at the top, or first ten pages? People who do not know how search engines work.

Search Engine Submission   Fee Schedule

Website URL Submission
to Google Search Console
Chester County
Chester County
Home Page (only) no charge $30

Subsequent pages, in most cases, are no longer individually submitted to search engines.

With a Google Search Console URL submission, Google will index all qualified pages.
Most or all other major search engines harvest their listings from the Google Search Engine.
There is never a guarantee that your page(s) will get listed with all of the major search engines.
Search engines, for many reasons may not list your website or may drop your website listing at any time.
In many cases, a website may need search engine optimization services to improve search engine qualification.
Additional fee to prepare a page for search engine submission may apply (non-members only).

Any service fee may change at any time subject to the sole discretion of Chester County Sites.

Typically, after we submit your website URL to Google Search Console, within several days or weeks, your website will begin to appear in search engine results with most of the major and popular search engines, such as AOL, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google, Yahoo, and more. Shortly thereafter or eventually, all or most other (less popular) search engines use the more popular search engine listings to update their listings and so on. The truth is... search engine submission is not even necessary as all or most of the major search engines continuously crawl the Internet and add almost every website found while the less popular search engines update their listings from the major search engine listings. Nonetheless, a website URL submission can escalate the process to some degree so long as the website is search engine friendly and the website URL is submitted properly. Never over submit your website URL, or get pushy or impatient, as a search engine will surely penalize your listing for such actions.

We can properly submit your website URL to the Google Search Console to get listed with all of the major search engines for a fee. Submission alone does not guarantee that your website will get listed or rank well with all of the major search engines. Your website pages must be search engine optimized and search engine friendly. We will review your page(s) and make recommendations prior to submission as needed.

Why A Website Does Not Work

Search Engine Submission: Search engine submission is the act of suggesting your website to the search engines and escalates the process of getting listed with search engines. Search engines will eventually find your website and attempt to list it without any submission whatsoever. Preparing your page for search engine acceptance and best possible ranking is the key to getting listed with search engines in a manner that people can actually find your website using any search engine. When the robots come looking, you want to be ready.

Your web page(s) must be "search engine ready and friendly". Your web page(s) must be designed to please the engines, each page must contain the correct keywords, phrases, description and title, all meta tags should contain the highest priority keywords and phrases and those same keywords and phrase should also be located towards the top of the page and repeated throughout the page. Page design is the most important factor in search engine acceptance and ranking -- the main reason code or program generated websites like WordPress, DreamWeaver and other high-end graphic pages are hard to find using a search engine. Over submission and rule violations can result in permanent banishment.

Search Engine Submission Programs: In our experience, we have found that submission programs are practically useless. Most of the claims made by individuals and companies who provide submission services for a fee are exaggerated and most importantly, not true. We have contacted the search engine companies, spoke with their technicians and tested several search engine submission programs and found that most search engines reject or ignore the submissions. Search engines are built smart and are getting smarter every day. Despite all of their bells and whistles and claims, they are hardly worth their efforts and risk permanent banishment from the more popular engines.

Search Engine Scams: And for the scammers who claim they can get you listed at the top on the first page an any major search engine for a one time fee... this appears to be the latest full speed scam that gets a lot of attention. If this would be possible as they claim, then they would be instant millionaires. Think about it, if anybody could truly accomplish this dream, then wouldn't everybody be on the first page, and if so, how is that logically or physically possible??? It is not possible, but you would be surprised how many people fall prey to this idea.

Search Engine Sponsored Links: You can purchase a first page sponsor link from practically any search engine, but those links are usually priced and reserved for businesses with a very high advertisement budget. In our experience and if you do the math, paid sponsor links or first page links are not cost justified for the average self-employed or small business. The best results come from search engine results where specific people have a specific interest to find a specific product or service in a specific area and this service is free. All you have to do is make your webpages search engine friendly.

Bottom Line: Search engines do not want or accept electronic submissions, a way of the past! Today, website URLs are presented to Google Search Console where Google will analyze your website pages and list them on the Google search engine index where most or all other major search engines will eventually harvest their listings from the Google Search Engine.

Summarized: Do not believe the hype! When somebody claims they will submit your website to the engines for a better ranking -- don't you believe it! If you want to get listed and listed well, ranking as high as possible, design your page(s) to "please the engines!" Search engine submission is mindless, quick and free. Search engine preparation (search engine optimization) is a skill, art and science -- and the key to search engine success.

Advertising on this website with us, will add even more "doorways" to your website and help your search engine ranking!

American Registry for Internet Numbers ( ARIN ) + Search Engine Watch + Web Reference

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