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Chester County Sites does not only create and host your website, but we make sure people in Chester County can find your website. When you decide to move your website services to us, your website will begin to work for you!

Our website is getting traffic now! We can not thank you enough.
Matt G.

Jerry, I appreciate your time on the phone this morning and your willingness to assist Dave with the upcoming transition. I would like to personally thank you for all you have done! The past 20 +/- years have gone by way too fast and your services throughout the years have certainly been a benefit to our company.
Gene A.

I hope this email finds you well. I regret the day I stopped using your web hosting services. I have had nothing but problems over the past year and still do not have a good website to use for viewing or online ordering. If you are able to take us back, can we discuss web hosting and other new services you may have to offer now?

Hi Jerry, I just saw the new website and I think it is looking great. You've done a wonderful job. Thanks so much for your help. You are a delight to work with.
Jeanie S.

Everything looks incredible !!!! I'm not sure I'd add anything more. Again- it looks AWESOME. . . way above my expectations. We SO appreciate all your help AND patience with us Jerry. . . you've been GREAT !!!! Thanks and have a great night.
John R.

Thank you so much! I have been trying to sit down and look but have been super busy. So, thank you for staying on top of it. I really like the new look - let's go with it! You are great! Thanks again!!
Karla D.

Thanks Jerry, that coupon page was exactly what I had in mind! You're the best. I still can't believe I rank #1 in google.
Pam D.

I noticed that I got some leads from your advertising. It appears all websites can work! Another believer! Keep up the good work and thanks!
Gered P.

Mr. Jerry, As I've said many times before. You are the cat's meow and the dog's bow WOW. Strike lightening speed. Thank you so much.
Victoria O.

Just saw the finished product.... Jerry ,,, It is great!!! It is warm and inviting, just lovely..!!!!!!
Lee S.

Your advertising campaign really helps. Really starting to look good! I'll get you some more pics.
Jim H.

Wow that was quick! Thank you! Good Job!! Jerry.
Pam D.

Thanks for getting me online. I could not have done it as well as you did. I already got a few referrals from your links page.
Mark S.

Thank you! I really really appreciate how on top of things you are and how much you understand the importance of this working for us. Thanks again!
Karla D.

Jerry, you hit the jackpot. It looks, and functions GREAT. I love it! Thanks so much, its exciting to see it taking shape......
Victoria O.

I checked out west chester tree service on google and we were second on the list. Nice work!! Thank you. Talk to you soon.
Brian T.

I wanted to tell you that the site is working pretty good so far, we have had 4 people contact us and we have sold 3 nice jobs.
Larry L.

Looking good, looking very good! Thank you for your hard work on our website. We are light years ahead of where I thought we would be a week ago. I could not be happier.
Mike A.

Jerry, thanks for your help. You can always be counted on! I talk to other people who have websites and they say that their webmasters can ignore them for days. We are so glad that we found you!
Jeanie S.

I see what you have done and it looks awesome. The blue stripe on home page looks great. Thanks again.
Brian W.

You are the best, it looks great, I will thank you forever, you are the best. It is so great. I could not have done this without you. Thanks.
Kathleen D.

Thanks! It looks terrific! Thanks for being so efficient!
Jeanie & David.

Jerry, what can I say, but a beautiful job, and very well done. Love the setup and the way Mortgage Manager links directly to my website. Simply brilliant and effective. Thanks, Jerry. Your new friend and client.
John H.

The entire website and shopping cart looks very professional! Thanks again.
P Higgins.

I am very pleased to start out the New Year with dependable, competent web hosting services. It really has been great since switching over to ccsites. Not having to worry about whether your site is up and running is exactly what I want from a web host. Thanks! Hope it's a great year for you.

That's service!!! I almost fell over when I saw that you already have us up and running.

Your work is so quick and good and your service is great! You are not charging enough, but thanks!
Alain P.

WOW! Thanks sooo much! What service! We just received our first fax from someone that printed off the new form with the city, state and zip! Thanks a bunch!
Pam D.

Our website never worked or looked soooo good! We appreciate the personal attention.
Ralph G.

Let me start by saying you've done a terrific job! We are getting great comments from friends and customers who have seen our website. As of today, we have received 2 actual hits from people who are inquiring about our products and services. Diane T..

Will visitors still be able to access my site simply by entering my domain name? If so, then please move my site as well. Thanks!!!!
Joseph S.

Thanks for everything.
Bob Y.

Go ahead and move my website. Then, I want to talk to you about improving my website. Thanks.
Mark M.

Geoff F.

I was given your name from a business associate in Thorndale. He suggested I contact you about a website for my business. Mike S.

Hi, looks good! You are doing a great job for us, and we really appreciate it.
Pat G.

Thank you for your help and assistance to date. Sincerely, Cindy B.

Thanks for taking the time to review the beginnings of our website. I am excited to see this as it is coming together.
Mike A.

We believe our website is in great shape now! The comments and response is great! Thanks for all your hard work helping us build our website and get found on the Internet...and making us look good at the same time!
Jeanie S.

You were right! I'm already getting email and phone calls from my website advertisement.
Mike A.

I really like what you have done to my site and I mention your services whenever possible.
Gene A.

I'm sorry I ever left... and now I am back. I sincerely appreciate all that you do to make a website work!
Ron L.

Thanks for changing your plans to get this done for me. I appreciate it very much. I will test it soon and let you know if I have any changes. Once again thank you.
Brian W.

Thanks, for your insight. I am in complete agreement with keeping it simple. And thanks for putting me on your website as a form of advertising. This is a nice added feature for your clients and it works both ways. I found you initially by going to Weavers website looking for mulch. I didn't even know that Mike was using your services until later.
Rich T.


Hi Jerry, Just wanted to pass along the first feedback I have got from the site. My daughter in San Diego called to tell me that she loves the new site and even took some recipes from the list. She said it is very professional. looks great and is easy to navigate. I hadn't asked her to look at it either so it was a totally spontaneous response!! Great news.
Melanie P.

Website has increased my business greatly in the last 6 weeks for snow removal. One of the reasons I am up at 2am, plowing snow. Thank you.
Skyler H.

Thanks, Jerry, for the super deal. A great investment! Will try to keep after it.
Clair and Pam H.

Great job Jerry - perfect, right out of the chute!! Thanks.
Jim D.

Just a note to say how much we have appreciated all your help in maintaining our web site. It's been amazing.
John R.

You have done a great job for me, Jerry, and I want to thank you for it.
Patrick G.

Good Morning Jerry, You just made the start of my day just great! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you getting this done. It lifts a little bit of stress from me so I can enjoy the Thanksgiving without worrying about this. Have a Happy & Wonderful Thanksgiving!
Karen S.

The changes that you have made look terrific. It is already looking like a different web site. I will go through the site page by page and write down some suggestions and send them to you. Thanks for all your help on this.
Patrick G.

Hi Jerry, website has really spiked in search engine results recently, I've had at least one call every week or so lately from the site.
Skyler H.

Thank you sooooo much... there is so much going on... wow. I have also recommended ur services to a few local businesses... thanks again.
Leah R.

The updates look AMAZING!!!! Thank you very much!!!!
Jennifer Z.

It looks great! And I feel a lot better now knowing that you are out there and always willing to help, thank you.

Jerry, I have to tell you that you have done one fantastic job on the first page of Falco. The section in the middle that you wrote is just wonderful. Ralph could never have come up with that.
Ralph G.

My website is working much better than I expected. Thank you for taking the time to get it right the first time. The advertising on the Chester County Sites website is working too. Keep up the good work!
Joey P.

The Website looks great as do the ads on your site. It's a real pleasure working with you and I have already begun spreading the word about you and your company. Thanks again.
Bob K.

It really looks great!! Where did you get the picture logo in the upper right corner?? It's perfect.......The front cover is perfect too!! I am very happy.......Thank you!!
Rich T.

Wow, that's great! I'm very impressed with your customer service commitment. You have been on top of this for a few days. Just so you know, I have been recommending your services every chance I get.
Mike W.

Thanks for all your hard work on my website. It really looks great - and all my friends at work are impressed.

It looks great! And, I can now see my website in search engine results. Thank you for taking the time to help.

Jerry, everything looks good in such a short time. On Saturday a women found our website, researched what she was looking for through the links and came into the store to make a purchase. That's the way it's suppose to work!

You just have no idea how much I appreciate your work on this project with me. I am very much of a go getter and I like to do things when they come to my mind and you seem to be the same way. I love that about you!
Victoria O.

I didn't realize you had done so much work on the site. I was kind of waiting for word from you to check what you had done, but decided to check the site you gave initially and WOW!
Susan R.

We are excited about the new site! Thanks for, as usual, doing such a terrific job. I don't know anyone except us who is as happy as we are about their site.
David S.

Thanks for doing such a great job on our website, I love it!
Diane T.

Thanks for the GREAT NEWS... we are glad to have you "aboard" with our auction business.....great to work with such a "positive" person.....
Harold & Annette S.

The new page looks great. Thanks for including the registration for the seminars as well. Great job! Thanks!
Frank F.

Everything looks great! Our website came out even nicer than I could have hoped. We've gotten many good comments on the whole site. Thanks again for all your time and effort to make it be the best it could be. Sharon and I very much appreciate it. Thanks again!
Mark C.

We are so impressed how quickly you developed our website. George W.

I just want to say thank you. I have been trying to get my site listed with search engines for several weeks through several different methods and did not feel that I was getting any results. Your search engine submissions were by far the most beneficial. I have seen results already! I have listed you on my website and again, wish to say Thanks!
Terry T.

I like the changes - Nice work!!! Thanks again.
Gene A.

Now our website is working for us -- prospects are finding us. Moving our website to Chester County Sites was the best decision for us! Thank you,
Terry T.

Thanks very much for such a quick reply.
Wendy L.

Thanks again, the site looks great.
Mike A.

By the way, we really enjoyed meeting you, it's nice to know there are people with values out there. Again thank you for everything.
Kim H.

Wow! The website looks awesome. I am very impressed.
Mike A.

We would like to get on Chester County Sites.
Drew P.

Once again, great job. I am getting tremendous compliments on the site. I was thrilled to see that you had already done the changes when I logged on this morning.
Ron L.

Geoff F.

Looks fantastic!! Now my website is working. I don't know how you do it, but keep doing it!
Ron L.

GREAT JOB!!!.....we are VERY impressed with your work and hope that we can have a nice business relationship with you.....we will surely recommend and refer our friends and associates to you, and we will give you a very good recommendation....thanks again for the very professional job on our site.....we have already got compliments on it from some of our friends....
Harold & Annette S.

Wow! You are a magician. Yes, that link is perfect! Thank you Jerry! You always make me happy.
Victoria O.

Thanks for all of your help. I will recommend you to anybody that I know who might be interested in a website.
Larry L.

Again, we appreciate all that you do...immensely!!!!!! ( :
Karla D.

We are very grateful for your work; the result is amazing! I'm so proud of our website.
Clair H.

Please, move my site with yours.
Bill W.

Again - Great Job!!!!!
Tom G.

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