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1st Step to success!
We will design your website!
We will design your website to impress your prospects and please all of the major search engines.
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We will host your website!
We will host your website on fast, reliable, secure web servers and update your website as necessary.
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We will advertise your website!
We will advertise your website on this website and submit your website to all of the major search engines.

Chester County Sites was established in 1995 at a time when the words website and hosting and the Internet were not well received by most self-employed and small business owners in our area, when the 14k, 28k and 52k phone-modem Internet connection was alive, and when a personal computer was rarely found in most homes. We were the website creation and hosting pioneers! In other words, we have been in the website design, hosting and advertising business for a very long time and we know how it works. If we had only thought to purchase all of the most popular domain names at the time, we might be named one of the wealthiest top ten in America while sipping tea on the beaches of the Bahamas.

In any event, the foundation of our company was built on providing affordable and professional website design services with high quality customer service and Internet technical support to Chester County self-employed, small businesses and organizations. Somehow, we managed to gradually convince a few self-employed and small business owners at a time to give this new marketing tool a try and lucky for us the concept eventually spread among their associates, friends, and families as a form of advertising that actually worked. Eventually the concept became easier to sell and along with the referrals, our website design business began to grow.

In the beginning, our Internet business of website design was slow, but our business expanded as more and more self-employed and small businesses became interested in our respected and successful Internet services. Shortly thereafter, we expanded our business to include website hosting so we could control and provide fast, reliable and affordable website hosting services for our new and existing customers. About the same time, we had realized there was one more magical ingredient to a successful website other than an impressive website, reliable website hosting and super customer service.

Website promotion by way of search engine submissions and website advertisement using hypertext links and banner advertisement was found to be one of our most important and successful Internet services. And due to the overwhelming interest in custom website programming, we eventually added a custom website programming service to our Internet services. We maintain a variety of custom website programs such as an online order system, bulletin board, guest book, page publisher, and the like for exclusive use by our website hosting customers which can be further customized as needed.

Most of the success of our Internet business is due to the founder and president of Chester County Sites who has over twenty-five years experience in business computer programming, systems analysis and personal computer development and management stemming back to the introduction of the first personal computers to the business world. His expertise in the fields of computer operations, networking, the Internet and customer relations has resulted in complete customer satisfaction and confidence in our services over the years. Chester County Sites is known as a resourceful, honest and trusted website design and hosting business throughout Chester county, many other counties and states in the USA, and in some other countries.

The demand for our services has lead us to shift our Internet business strategy to offer our website design and hosting services to other counties, states, and countries with limited advertising opportunities and is where we remain today. While we primarily provide Internet related services to Chester County businesses, we provide website design, hosting and promotion services to businesses and organizations anywhere in the world. We provide all website related services, including all Internet related registration services, to establish a successful website in a matter of days. We host and support all domain extensions including all international domains.

We maintain zero tolerance to down systems and are committed to superior customer service and quick customer response. Our web servers are monitored 24 hours a day by qualified technicians, our software and hardware are upgraded as technology advances, our customers speak to real, concerned, experienced and qualified technicians to answer their questions and resolve their problems as quickly and accurately as possible -- the first time around. Technical support is available by phone from 9am to 6pm every business day while e-mail support is available 24 hours every day.

Our statistics tell us that we retain 99% of our customers and our Internet business doubles each year -- suggesting that we are doing something right. When you purchase our services, you will be assigned an account manager who will be your primary contact and who will become to know you personally and the details of your account over a period of time. You will also be able to communicate directly with the president of our company by phone or e-mail as needed.

Summarized: Over the years, our experience has taught us that our customers demand and depend on fast and reliable website design and hosting services, a quick and accurate response to questions and problems, and quality customer relations for a fair market price. When you choose our website services, you can count on owning a successful website in a matter of days (not weeks or even months), experiencing reliable website hosting and communicating with real people who care about your needs and will respond quickly to your questions and help you with your website and Internet related problems.

All websites can work! We know why most websites fail. We can show you how to improve your Internet presence. It is not difficult -- it is our business to create successful websites. Maybe you are in the market for your first website, maybe you have a website that is not working to your expectations, or maybe you just want someone else to take over and manage your website for you... Whatever the case might be, let us know your website interests and we will be glad to show you the way to a successful Internet presence.

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